Sunday, 11 March 2012

Lord Krishna’s Vrindavana Pastimes (Part 3(A))

Today we’ll discuss some pastimes of Krishna.Yesterday we discussed that Krishna decided to come to this earth – take birth as the eighth son of Devaki and also the son of mother Yasoda. And before Krishna appeared there had to be seven other children of  mother Devaki because Krishna was supposed to be the eighth son. So it was arranged  that the first six sons of Devaki will be killed so that Krishna can appear very quickly. Because the demigods were very much worried about Kamsa – Kamsa created so much disturbance. They wanted Krishna to come quickly and finish him off. So when Vasudeva got married to Devaki – Devaki was the daughter of Deva. There was a king called Surasena and Surasena had 2 sons – Ugrasena and Deva. Ugrasena’s son was Kamsa and Deva’s daughter was Devaki. So Devaki got married to Vasudeva and when
Devaki was going to her husband’s house in a big procession, Kamsa himself was driving
the chariot. Because Devaki was a very dear sister, very dear cousin to Kamsa – so
Kamsa was personally escorting her or driving the chariot with Vasudeva and Devaki in
the chariot.At that time the demigods wanted to play some trick with Kamsa. So demigods actually
announced from the sky. Like they have a kind of sound system that from a great distance
they can make things be heard. They don’t personally have to be there but from a great
distance, per say from the heavenly planets, they can make some announcement and it
would be broadcasted in here. They had some sophisticated radio system. So, they made
an announcement. “ Kamsa that sister of yours that you’re so affectionately carrying to
her husband’s house, do you know that her eighth son is going to kill you.” so Kamsa
became very worried. As soon as they heard that – oh yeah, that announcement actually
also said that Kamsa –you are a fool. You foolish Kamsa, don’t you know that this
Devaki’s son is going to kill you?

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